Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Red Dahlia

It's homecoming week here at the University of Georgia, and what better way to show you how our school celebrates this time than with the best school colors in the land? Luckily, one of those colors is one of my favorite colors to wear: red.

I love homecoming week because it really gives me the opportunity to show all of Georgia (and now the world!) how much I love my school through all the fun activities the school offers, as well as through what I choose wear of course. This weekend is going to give me a few reasons to dress up, so I'm going to need to pull a few tricks out of my closet in order to make my last homecoming as an undergrad as memorable as possible.

I found this sweater tank dress by American Apparel during the summer at one of my favorite shops in Athens. I was a little disheartened after I bought it because not only was I going to have to wait until it got a little cooler to wear it, but I didn't know where I was going to wear such a dress either. Depending on how I chose to style it, it could be casual or dressy. But knowing how I roll, I knew this was going to be a dress that needed a pair of heels.

When I first came across this necklace, I didn't really look twice at it because it wasn't really my style. But I kept going back to it in the store because something just drew me to it. I realized that just because it wasn't something I would be wearing often, don't mean I wouldn't EVER wear it. And because I know the ins and outs my closet, I knew that there would be at least one perfect item that I would be able to pair it with.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking: how in the world has this woman not had a nip slip yet? Believe me, I did. In fact I had quite a few when I first put it on. But I believe in the power of double sided tape, and you should,too, ladies! When you really love something, you'll find a way to make it work. Plus, I'm obsessed with deep V-cuts. So I knew little nip exposure wasn't going to scare me out of putting this thing on.

 And of course this wouldn't be an American Apparel dress if it didn't have an open back, am I right?

Another thing I really love about this dress is the sweater material it's made out of. You feel really comfortable wearing it, and it hugs you where it needs to for this particular style of dress.

 Currently, one of my favorite pair of sandals in my closet. In my book, these can be worn year round.

With that being said, I can't wait for the weekend! I get to reunite with recently turned-alumni friends, eat good food, and celebrate this incredible institution. Oh, and wear some fun outfits of course. Stay posted on The Stares for all my weekend shenanigans and fun fall fits I have planned to share this month. Have a stellar week Stare goers!
Dress - by American Threads (The Pope on Prince)
Shoes - by Charlotte Russe (Charlotte Russe)
Necklace - by Hot Topic (Hot Topic)
Ring - by American Threads (American Threads)
Photography by Jazmyn Wormley

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  1. I wish I could pull off that plunge neckline look!! You look absolutely ravishing.