Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cheetah Print

Here's another one of my ensembles from the weekend if you're looking for some inspiration for a night out on the town! I've really been digging the T-shirt dress/over the knee boots look. It's sassy and fun without showing too much. I paired mine with shorts since the shirt I'm wearing is more of just a long T-shirt vs. a T-shirt dress. I could definitely use a few more of these in my closet.

This shirt style is not exactly what I'm usually drawn to when I'm out shopping. But for some reason I was really intrigued by this particular one, so I thought I'd take it for a spin. I learned from my mother that sometimes things look different on you than from how they look on the hanger, so it's always best to try it on. And you know what? I really ended up liking it! Challenge your doubts every now and again.

I seem to be having a lot more guest appearances lately, ha!

Challenge your doubts.
Shirt by (no name)
Boots by - Unisa
Photography by Joy Etuk

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