Wednesday, September 18, 2013

China's Most Wanted - Fan Bing Bing

Almost 50 different Chinese television roles. The face behind numerous TV show theme songs and hit singles in China. Countless Chinese movie roles, followed by nominations and awards. Number one on "50 Most Beautiful People in China" in 2010. Philanthropist and fashion icon. Fan Bingbing has been making her mark in China's entertainment industry with such great force, that we've started picking up on her iconic powers all the way across the globe, especially in the world fashion! Fan's classic, glamourous style really captures the essence of what a "movie star" should look like, and we couldn't help but Take the Stares with her all the way down the red carpet...
When I think of Fan, I honestly do think of the old, glamorous movie stars from the Marilyn Monroe era. I mean, hello? Who looks this fabulous just taking a stroll down 5th avenue? I couldn't find one picture where she wasn't wearing a lovely day dress or skirt. For Fan, it's quite clear femininity is key.
And what's China's 2010 number one Most Beautiful Person without gracing the camera for a few editorial spreads...
...And a few ad campaigns for some of China's top high end fashion brands, and gracing some of China's and the world's top fashion magazines...
...And the catwalks of some of the world's most notorious fashion weeks?
If the street wasn't enough of a red carpet already, Fan works the the actual red carpet with so much glamour and grace, it's almost hard to tell the difference! Wearing minimal makeup not only draws more attention to her natural beauty, but it brings more attention to her to her sophisticated wardrobe. Check out the Louis Vuitton clutch in the second pic!
Now these are the kinds of ball gowns to pic up awards in.

Heart Ali is a project that diagnoses and helps treat children in Tibet with congenital heart disease. This project started by Fan Bingbing and Chen Lizhi, were able to screen over 10,000 children for the disease over the course of the project's existence, and out the children who were screened for the disease, over 80 lives were saved. When your successes allow you to live a life of blessing and comfort,  sharing that blessing and comfort with those who aren't as fortunate - it's probably one of the most beautiful things you could do with your success. When you Take the Stares, always remember to take others with you. They'll never forget the journey you took with them to the top of their own Stare Case.
Pictures and information provided by:
Getty Images
Ammon Sun
Vogue magazine


  1. She is beautiful! And I love her magazine spreads. ^_^


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  3. Wow! Can't believe I never heard of her before. She's stunning!


  4. All I can say is wow! She's so beautiful and her style is just amazing!