Friday, September 27, 2013

Rise of the High-Low Skirt

Well, if you couldn't tell, we love our Georgia Bulldawgs. What better way to Take the Stares this game day weekend then with a great high-low skirt to show your school pride?! 

What You'll Need:
  • An old (or new if you choose) maxi skirt
  • Sewing scissors

Step 1
Take your maxi skirt and slightly make a crease in the middle part of your skirt where you'd like the hem of your opening to begin. If you need to, take a pen and mark a line on the crease.
Step 2
Next, take your sewing scissors and cut a small hole on the crease you created.
Step 3
Use the hole that you cut in the crease (in step 2) to use as a starting point for your opening. When cutting your semi-circle, cut out out and down. Be sure you also cut the inside lining of skirt along with the outside layer.
 The opening should begin to look something like this...
Continue to cut out the opening of your skirt.
 Step 4
 After you cut the opening to your high low skirt, go back and cut the inside lining a little shorter than the outside layer so it will hide behind the outside layer.
 And now you're ready for gameday! Happy tailgating sports fans! (GOOOOOOO DAWGSSSS!!!)
Here are some more inspirations for your new high-low skirt creation:
Creation and Design by Jazmyn Wormley

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  1. so fun! thanks for the styling ideas