Friday, September 13, 2013

Our Sophisticated Simplicity - Ugo

Whoever said fashion was complicated has never seen it from Ugo Ugonabo's perspective. For Ugo, a third year Biological Sciences major from Stockbridge, Georgia, fashion doesn't always mean being flashy or high end. When in doubt, simplicity is the route to take. "In 2013, I see a lot of people doing a lot with the way they dress, which is cool. But when it comes to my style, I prefer simplicity." Ugo teaches me how to be stylish while keeping it simple...
The first key to simplicity is finding what makes you comfortable, then working around that. For example, one of Ugo's favorite items of apparel to wear these days are his corduroy pants (which he has in both tan and olive green), perfect for the autumn season. After throwing these on, he can now work around his pants by finding shoes and a shirt that suit his style and the pants.  
"A simple tee, some tan jeans, and a nice pair of sneakers can go a long way."
I honestly really love the corduroys for guys this season. They say so much on their own, that you don't have to go to far to dress your outfit up. They're simple and stylish, and give your look a preppy flair.
Another one of Ugo's favorite items to work around are his sneakers, or his Jordan's more specifically. I was astounded to find that one male could have so many Jordan's in his closet, but he loves to pair them with most of his outfits of choice, so having a good variety is a necessity to his style!

"In my spare time, I really enjoy listening to music and engaging in intellectual conversation."

I loved the Hawaiian printed tank with the navy blue cardigan. It's a clean look, and with the Jordan's, it gives it some street flair.
"Don’t copy what you see in the media or follow what your peers are doing. Find a style that you like and feel comfortable wearing one that speaks to your own individual taste."
This was one of my favorite ensembles, not only because the jacket was really cool, but I felt that this one really captured Ugo's style. It's fun, easy going, and really urban. But most importantly, it's simple. The Nike rain jacket complemented the tank well, while the corduroys give it a prim finishing touch.
"When I was nine years old, my turtle ran away. I haven't been the same since." 
Remember: Fashion isn't tangible. It's an idea. So whatever it may be that inspires you to dress, whether it be comfort or costume, fashion is always yours truly. In speaking with Ugo, I asked why he wanted to pursue a career in the medical field after he graduated. "All that really matters to me is helping people," he said. "If I can change one person's life by the time I leave this world, then I've done my job in being here."
For more of Ugo, you can follow him on Twitter at (or @iTripCripples).

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this , & I love simple styling as well as "I put on everything in my closet today" looks, but I'm usually just as simple in everyday dress