Thursday, September 26, 2013

Robin's Hot Maxi Dress on Waiting to Exhale

So who remembers in Waiting to Exhale when Robin and Troy went to the all white party together, and she walked into the room with this little number?! I couldn't take my eyes of that dress! Today, Lela Cochran's all white dress from that particular scene in Waiting to Exhale inspired me to Take the Stares. Man I love 90's fashion! Now mind you that the summer is over and Labor Day has passed, but I've always believed that white dresses always have the power to make a girl look effortlessly sophistocated. So if you're feeling inspired, check out these dresses I found that can help you get a similar look.
Emilia Clarke
Gabrielle Union

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  1. I just love all white. These dresses are really fabulous!