Monday, November 9, 2015

Stop Trippin' x Carnivour Creates

It's always exciting for me when I stumble across new artists, whether it be fashion fiends, musicians, writers, painters - you name it. Those who have the ability to create as a way of life will always have my utmost respect and support. But with my art falling under fashion, it's that much more exciting for me when these artist are, in fact, designers. McFreshCreates is not just a clothing designer, but he is an artist that transfers the actual art he creates himself onto his clothing for his street wear brand, Carnivour Creates. Creative talent such as this can go nowhere but to the top of The Stares. Tonight on the blog is the first of two posts I'll be doing for CC. Today's feature: Stop Trippin'.

But really. Please stop. It's not that serious.

What I really love about CC and the artist is that it's not just a clothing brand, but it's a brand for artistry. McFreshCreates also sells paintings with a colorful, raw aesthetic, as well as pillows, phone cases, and short stories, all consisting of work created by the designer himself.


What I noticed in a lot of his artwork was this glorification of modern day African American culture that isn't often recognized unless through music videos or reality television. It's refreshing for me, personally, as a fashion enthusiast (especially an African American one) to see this interpretation of my culture being transferred onto a vessel that people interact with everyday: clothing. What's more is that is that everything fit like a charm.

 Leotard, with open back features. 

 Still trippin? Orrr...

I'm extremely blessed that I get to spread the word of artistry through what I love most. It means that much more to me when I can spread the voice of a fellow creator. I can't wait to show you guys the next Carnivour Creates. Tune in again this week to catch some more dope pieces on The Stares by our featured creative, McFreshCreates. You won't want to miss this.
Leotard - by Carnivour Creates (Carnivour Creates)
Windbreaker - by New York & Company
Hat - by Polo by Ralph Lauren (given)
Socks - (Dynamite Thrift Boutique)
Shoes - by Nike (Journey's)
Photography by Jazmyn Wormely

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