Tuesday, November 24, 2015

VERAfied - pt.2

The temperature is finally staying consistently chilly here in Georgia, and I, for one, am really stoked that we get to finally get to transition into scarf weather! In case you didn't know, that's a rare thing to experience in the south. As much as I hate the cold, I love having the opportunity to sport new accessories. So what better way to embrace this new God forsaken weather than with a scarf with some fun, funky prints by Vera Bradley?!

We are also officially in the home stretch to final exams! A fun way to keep my spirits up when studying and jotting down notes is with some fun writing utensils, such as my pink and black paisley VB pen.

I am currently into pants with a little leather on them. They give the normal black pant a little edge, as well as give you the luxury of staying a little warmer!

VB has also made keep track of my keys exciting with my new pink lanyard!

Poncho season - yaaay!
It's funny. While most people consider the Vera Bradley brand as more of a preppy style, I never really saw it that way. I find paisley prints rather funky and psychedelic versus country club chic. But that's just me. Stay groovy this winter with all of these great, eye catching VB prints!

Let's shop Vera Bradley.
Scarf - by Vera Bradley
Poncho - by Alya
Crop top - by Forever 21
Pants - by H&M
Hat - by H&M
Boots - by Nine West
Photography by Jordynn Abernathy

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